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We are transforming the college soccer recruitment landscape, reducing time, stress and freeing time, enabling directors to focus on developing & nurturing top-tier talent.


Discover Our Unique Personalized Club Approach

Experience Daily Zoom Drop In's

Personalized Support For Your Families When They Need It

Our comprehensive support includes personalized daily Zoom sessions, providing student athletes & their parents with individualized & small group in person guidance and feedback.

Your Athletic Network, Your Rules

24-7 Chat Support in Your Clubs Community

Introducing Club-Specific Communities, your dedicated online hub for 24/7 Q&A with student athletes and parents. Get rapid feedback and expert guidance whenever you need it, elevating your families athletic journey to new heights.

Phone Support, Twenty Four Seven

Personalized Phone Support For Your Parents & Student Athletes When They Need It

We provide on-demand, personalized phone support for parents and student athletes, addressing all aspects of college recruitment and balancing sports with academics.

Club Branded Player Profiles

Elevate Your Club's Image

Our club-branded player profiles showcase your athletes' skills, achievements, and potential, helping them stand out to college coaches. With our intuitive software, you can easily create and update profiles, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Develop Faster

Smarter Decision-Making

Our team of global data scientists provides cutting-edge game analysis, leveraging advanced techniques to uncover valuable insights. With their expertise, we help players make smarter decisions on the field and improve their overall performance.


Assessment Process

Our specialized college divisional assessment helps student-athletes target the right college division for their skills, aspirations, and academic goals.


Guidance and Support

Our comprehensive support includes club-branded player profiles, 24/7 guidance through our intuitive software, personalized daily zoom sessions

Enhancing Strengths

& Tactical Insights

We focus on identifying and enhancing each player's unique strengths and tactical insights, fostering quicker, smarter decision-making on and off the ball

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Discover how our personalized comprehensive support can help build your clubs brand, attracting & retaining better athletes for years to come.

"Orlando City SC highly recommends RecruitFluency for its transformative impact on our players opportunity to play at the college level. The personalized guidance, assessments, & advanced match analysis provided have been instrumental in enhancing player skills and decision-making on the field."

Erik Hort - Director Of Coaching

Orlando City Soccer Club - Lake Nona Florida

Our Journey in College Soccer Recruitment

Building Success

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to helping youth soccer clubs and athletes.

Expanding Reach

We have grown our services to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

Driving Excellence

Our focus is on identifying and enhancing each player's unique strengths.

Achieving Dreams

We help aspiring athletes achieve their dream of playing at the collegiate level.


Be the first to experience our new AI driven technology providing your student athletes and their

parents twenty four seven support & guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work?

We engage in exclusive partnerships with a limited number of elite soccer clubs annually. Our offerings include crafting club-specific player profiles, providing continuous support via a dedicated Q/A forum, and supplying specialized college recruitment software. Additionally, we facilitate daily Zoom sessions for tailored, personal attention

What is a college divisional assessment?

Absolutely. Our onboarding team will show you exactly how you can access & change the student athlete details. We would suggest not changing format or colors.

How can Recruitfluency support my club?

Plyr Page enhances your club by delivering tailored support through club-branded player profiles, 24/7 intuitive software guidance, personalized daily Zoom sessions, and advanced game analysis. This approach focuses on developing each player's unique strengths and tactical insights for better decision-making on and off the field.

How can I benefit from using Plyr .Page?

By using plyr .page you can have full control over your online presence, display your talents, upload/create highlight videos, automate your entire email, text messages campaigns to college coaches for recruitment, centralize your content, and make it accessible to coaches, scouts, fans, and potential employers. All while increasing your brand awareness and showing the families your investing in their children.

What are the benfits of using RecruitFluency over their competitors?

By utilizing our services, you can seamlessly navigate the college soccer recruitment process and increase your chances of playing at the collegiate level. We help you identify the right college division for your skills, aspirations, and academic goals, all while reducing the stress and confusion often associated with college soccer recruitment.